It’s All in the Pleats

It’s officially spring!

  It may not feel like it yet, but warmer weather will be here soon.  Our workroom has caught up from the winter blues of February. Bunch  of spring  tulips flowers in metal pot   isolated on white background Our installations are now up to date and back on schedule. The studio has been reorganized with the many new fabric sample books that arrive almost daily, and my calendar has been filling up rather quickly with client appointments.  I am very fortunate to have wonderful clients that have homes throughout New England.   This past week we installed window treatments on the Cape one day and the next day in the Berkshires.

People always want to know what we’re making in the workroom everyday. And while our projects can range from elegant custom pillows to gorgeous swags, lately I’ve noticed that the stationary panel window treatment is very popular. We are almost always working on one in our workroom. Often the pleat style at the top becomes the focal point of the drapery and/or the focal point of the room.

Take a look at some of the more traditional and innovative drapery styles that really showcase the various ways to customize a stationary panel.  The possible designs are limitless.  You’re sure to find a favorite for your home!

Goblet Pleat–  A little more formal, the plump round shape creates a luxurious look. These pleats have a silk banding along the top to add a little more detail.

Smocked Heading –  Made to look like the smocking on a little girl’s dress.  These tucks are hand-sewn in place.  Wouldn’t this look beautiful in a bedroom?

Cartridge Pleat –  Defined as a cylindrically shaped pleat, it’s considered to be a sleek, tailored, and more contemporary look.

Weave Top –  Intricate design. Top of drape is woven onto a decorative rod. Stunning!

Box-Pleat –  Beautifully, flat heading with inverted folds, creating a more tailored look.

Which design is your favorite?

Save Money…Save Energy

Between record breaking snow and frigid temperatures, this winter has certainly left its mark, and not just on your house – on your wallet too! Between roof rakes, snow blowers, heating costs, it is a constant battle to keep your house warm and dry while not driving up the bill too high.IMG_3402

During this time of year, I always see an increase in calls asking me what is the best way to cover your windows in order to help provide more insulation to your home. The answer is Hunter Douglas Duette® Architella® honeycomb shades, the most energy efficient window covering on the market.

During the winter months, most people see a drastic increase in their energy bills, and windows are the largest source of wasted energy in their home as heat always flows from warmer to colder areas. In the winter, warm air inside your house tries to escape through the windows.  And in the end, you pay for that escaped heat while using extra energy needed to heat your home.  By installing Duette® Architella® shades on your windows, you can decrease the home heat loss up to 30% while reducing your energy bills by 10%.

You can actually see the difference between a window insulated with Duette® Architella® shades and a non-insulated in this heat sensitive photo:

Hunter Douglas Architella reduce heat flowSee the green window? That’s the insulated one. Notice the difference in heat loss (shown as the color red) between the two windows. Now imagine that throughout your entire house. That is a lot of wasted heat and energy.

But how does the insulation work? Well, if you look at the picture of the Duette® Architella® shades below, you can see the patented honeycomb within honeycomb construction works to trap the air, leaving less Duette Architella- Up closespace for it to escape out of your house. Specifically, you can see the inner layer of the fabric is designed to create 3 distinct air pockets to trap even more air and increase the insulation.

And of course, Hunter Douglas Duette® Architella® Shades come in various fabrics, pleat sizes and features including the popular top-down/ bottom-up feature shown in the above picture.  The shades can also be easily motorized for your out of reach windows.

So stop throwing your money out the window, instead cover them and save money while being more energy efficient.

And most importantly, stay warm!